This winter, Do not Forget to eat these Foods

Winter is the weather, it is obvious that you have a quilt, blanket and stool inside.

The waiter-shawl will be removed You have arranged to save yourself upper but you should think of saving your body from inside. To fight colds, you should eat some such foods that heat the body from inside. Today we will give you some similar food list.Will show that you eat only if you eat, but also feed your children.


The orange or its juice body gives strength to fight against cold. Vitamin C and anti oxidant are found in oranges which increase the immunity of disease.


Spinach is very common to meet spinach this season So do not leave this food at all. It contains a lot of iron and nutritious ingredients.


In winter, eat fried, salt or plain plain peanuts. will provide heat to the body and give protein. Always keep the chikki available in the market.


If you want to increase your heart strength in winter, then eat guava. It contains an element called lycopine which relieves the problem of arteries.


Carrot is found in vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and in this case carrot pudding can be cooked.

Dried fruit:

Keep a mixture of plenty of Dried fruit with you and eat them at intervals of several hours a day. Doing so will make the heat in your body.


Eating apples every day brings relief from cancer and many diseases. Apple contains anti-oxidants and proteins that strengthen the body.

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