Mishri For Coughing: Here’s How You Can Bring Rock Candy To Your Rescue

You may know rock sugar, popularly known as mishri, as a mere mouth-freshener, but turns out, it has got more benefits added to it. Apart from being an excellent digestive, haemoglobin and energy booster, it is also known to relieve you from cough and sore throat. Mishri, also identified as khadi shakkar and rock candy, has long been known for its therapeutic benefits in Ayurveda. It has certain nutrients that make it a great home remedy for coughing. It helps loosen the mucus, which accumulates in your throat, thus providing you a quick relief. If you haven’t tried it out yet, we will tell you why it makes for a good home remedy for instant relief and how to use it.

According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Coach, Shilpa Arora, “It’s only a way to distract the brain due to the sugar influx. It might stop coughing temporarily, but in the longer run, a clean diet needs to be administered to clear the cells of toxins, which are the general cause of coughs and phlegm.”

There are majorly two types of coughs, a productive cough or wet cough and non-productive cough. Productive cough produces mucus or phlegm, whereas as non-productive cough does not bring up any mucus. Mishri primarily helps bring relief to people with productive cough. According to a study published in Postgraduate Medical Journal, if you tend to develop productive cough, which means cough that causes phlegm, you can help your body eliminate the sputum using mishri. It possesses several essential nutrients that aid in breaking down the phlegm clearing cough. This eventually helps in clearing your throat. Moreover, it has a soothing effect on your throat and oral cavity.

How to use mishri for coughing?

One way to use it is to place a few mishris in your mouth and swallow them gradually. This will cause the sugar granules to release slowly, soothing your throat instantly.

Another way is to take equal amount of rock sugar and black pepper and grind the mixture into a smooth powder. Consume this powder before hitting the bed at night. Make sure you do not drink water after eating it; it will only promote more coughing.

You can add the mishri and black pepper mixture in your tea and drink it twice daily.

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