Interesting facts about hair conditioners you must know

Every hair root has an oil gland. Each hair on our head stands separately because the oil from the gland coats each strand. When the oil from the natural oil glands is not able to reach and cover the whole length of the strand, hair becomes dry and damaged, leading to hair fall. That’s why you need conditioners to nourish the entire strand, from root to tip. Especially for treated hair – whether you have got them permed, straightened or coloured – conditioner is not optional, it is an absolute must. Dermatologists also suggest continuous use of hair conditioners to nourish your hair regularly.

These are things which most of us know about hair conditioners. But, there is a lot of stuff which no one talks about. So here are things which you may not know about your hair conditioner.

They are amazing styling products
Your conditioners can prove to be great styling products. If you wish to have that wavy look, spray a small amount of leave-on conditioner to dampen your hair and make a braid.

Conditioner hydrate follicles
Winters can be harsh on your hair. The dryness can make your hair dull and ugly. But worry not! Apply a deep conditioning mask directly to the scalp at least once a month. Doing this will remove the dry flakes and leave your hair soft.

Condition before shampoo
This can come as a shock for many because conditioning after shampoo is a common practice. But conditioning before shampoo can increase the body of your hair.

Same conditioner doesn’t work for everyone
The selection of your conditioner should be strictly based on your hair texture. For people with thin hair, pick a volumizing conditioner and if you thick greasy hair, choose a conditioner formulated with less oil.

Do not condition your roots
Avoid your roots while conditioning. Start from the ends and comb the conditioner to the mid-lengths of the hair. This is the best way to hydrate your strands.

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