Sunglasses: How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Eye Protection?

Wearing sunglasses is the easiest way to upgrade your style statement. But their primary function is to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and provide UV protection. Your fanciest pair of sunglasses may not offer you the right protection you need for your eyes. People often buy the wrong pair of sunglasses and end up spending a huge amount of money on them. Here is a list of myths associated with sunglasses that you must know and tips on how to pick the right pair.

All sunglasses protect your eyes
Not all sunglasses offer full protection from UV rays. You must check the details before you buy, only purchase the ones which offer complete protection from UV rays. Even the level of UV protection can vary. Some sunglasses will not offer UV protection at all.

The darker the shade the better the protection
This is a very common myth. People tend to believe that the darker shades provide better protection. Sunglasses in Dark shades without UV protection can actually harm your eyes because darker lenses dilate your pupils more than a lighter shade. Darker tints won’t necessarily provide protection; lighter shades like gray, amber, and brown can also block harmful rays. Colours can also affect clarity so choose according to your requirements.

Only expensive sunglasses protect eyes
Some fair priced sunglasses can also protect our eyes. There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy sunglasses. Sunglasses must have the correct lenses which can protect your eyes, not all the expensive sunglasses are good.

Sunglasses are just for looks
Sunglasses enhance your style statement for sure but that is just a bonus point which they offer. The main function of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from sunlight and harmful UV rays.

You only need to wear sunglasses when it’s sunny
UV rays might show up even on a cloudy day and can harm your eyes significantly. You should wear sunglasses whenever you step outside whether it is sunny or cloudy. Your eyes need protection from the sun throughout the year irrespective of any season as the sunlight in winter is as strong as in summers.

Sunglasses are only for grown-ups
Even children require sunglasses. They spend more time outside playing. So, they have more chances to get exposed to UV rays. Make your children wear sunglasses before they step outside.

Points to keep in mind before buying sunglasses

Check for UV protection
UV radiations are harmful to skin but can damage your eyes as well. Before buying sunglasses check whether they provide UV protection or not. Buy the ones which provide maximum UV protection.

Pick the right size
Your sunglasses should fit you well to get the maximum protection. Sunglasses should cover your eyes properly.

Try polarized lenses
Polarized lenses may not provide complete protection from UV rays but they reduce the glare. When you are going to the beach polarized lenses may be very helpful. Wear them only when there is a lot of light to reduce the glare.

Choose the correct shade
It is not necessary to buy dark shades. Choose the shade according to your choice. Just check the level of protection they provide irrespective of the shade you pick.

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